Buying your unit:

The entire purchase process has been streamlined to make it as conveniently as possible. Not only have we include all transfer & bond registration cost; it is now possible to purchase your unit by simply clicking on the one you want!

Purchase process:

Step 1: Select your unit.

Step 2: Pay your R 10 000 securing refundable deposit.

Step 3: Sign our offer to purchase (72 hours paying securing deposit)

Step 4: Receive your countersigned offer to purchase back within 72 hours

Step 5: Complete bond application from and supply us with your FICA documentation.

Step 6: Except the best bond offering from your choice of financial institution.

Step 7: Inspect your complete unit with the developer.

Step 8: Sign your registration documentation at the transferring attorneys.

Step 9: Move into your unit.

Step 10: Throw a massive house warming party.